UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct


Section 1


Appendix A
Authorized Student Governments 

Appendix B
Use of the University's Name 

Appendix C
Nondiscrimination Policy Statement for University of California Publications Regarding Student-Related Matters

Appendix D
Policy and Supplemental Guidelines on the Marketing of Credit Cards to Students

Appendix E
Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Student Adjudication Framework

Appendix 1
Anti-Hazing Compliance

Appendix 2
Campus Policy on Dances Sponsored by Registered Campus Organizations 

Appendix 3
UCI Guidelines for Reporting and Responding to Reports of Sex Offenses and UC Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence 

Appendix 4
Hate and Bias Incident Response Protocol (Reference to Section 102.11) 

Appendix 5
Policy on Authorized Use of Course Materials for Commercial Purposes (Reference to Section 102.23)

Appendix 6
Policy for Student Fee Funded Facilities 

Appendix 7
Firearms on Campus

Appendix 8
UCI Guidelines for Reporting and Responding to Reports of Discrimination and Harassment (Reference to Section 102.09)