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Ethical Decision-Making Workshop

Section 1

Ethical Decision-Making Workshop

The Ethical Decision-Making Workshop is designed to assist participants in defining ethical decision-making, identifying their own personal values, and articulating steps for making an ethical decision.  Participants are expected to actively engage in class discussion. Use this link to register for the workshop. Only sign up for ONE workshop. You do not need to sign up every week. Workshops are subjected to be cancelled or postponed in the event that there is not enough attendees. A confirmation email, as well as a reminder email, will be sent to your UCI email address. 


The Ethical Decision-Making Workshop will now be conducted in a private Zoom meeting room via video conference. Please enter the link you receive in your confirmation email from Calendly at the scheduled date and time of your class. All participants will be required to have their video feature turned on during the one-hour class.

Click here to sign-up for an Ethical Decision-Making Workshop!