UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct


Section 1

Report an Issue

Why should I report?

The Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct is dedicated to safeguarding and addressing issues in the university community. We believe that every member of the UC Irvine community has the right to a safe and ethical learning environment. We encourage individuals to report issues in our community. If something has happened on campus, please report it via one of the following forms.

How do I report?

Do you wish to report a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy?

  • Faculty, Staff, and Teaching Assistants should complete the reporting form:
    • *New* Direct report via Advocate: https://uci-advocate.symplicity.com/public_report/
      • After you submit, you'll receive an email copy of the report.
    • *Old* Report to AI database: https://apps.aisc.uci.edu/report/famr.php
      • Reports to this database allow you to search reported cases. However, all cases reported to this system are marked as reviewed and copied to Advocate for OAISC adjudication.
    • "Bulk" reports: If you plan to report numerous students for a violation, such as 10 or more students for the same violation/incident (e.g. multiple students used Chegg to complete an exam by themselves), send us an email at academicintegrity@uci.edu to let us know. We can work with you to make a report through a spreadsheet instead and open a shared drive link for you to share evidence. If multiple students are involved in the same incident (e.g. 10 students worked together on an exam), you can still submit one report through the above methods and list all the involved students in that report.
  • Students should report alleged violations to the instructor of the course. The instructor, in turn, should report the violation through the Academic Misconduct Reporting Form. As a student, you can also email academicintegrity@uci.edu

Do you wish to report a Conduct issue involving a Student or Campus Organization

Do you wish to report an issue involving a Faculty or Staff member?

Do you wish to report a Hate or Bias-motivated Crime?

Would you prefer to meet with our office?

  • You can call us at (949) 824-1479 to schedule an appointment or email us at conduct@uci.edu with questions regarding the Student Conduct Process. For academic integrity issues please email us at academicintegrity@uci.edu